Versatility in a box

The next generation of our garage door operators

tiga and tiga+ are the innovative further developments of the SOMMER garage door operators base+ and pro+

The requirements of underground garage operators are particularly high. These operator systems are often higher and exposed to frequent strain. At the same time, they must ensure maximum security and protection. The solution for the operators tiga and tiga+ is implemented in accordance with the usual SOMMER principles: the right mixture of strength and intelligence.

Reliable technology for underground or group garages


  • Universal operator for sectional doors, ceiling sliding doors, swinging doors, up-and-over doors and roller door/side-sectional doors
  • Integrated LED technology: durable, energy-saving and efficient lighting
  • Saves power: <1 watt standby
  • Made in Germany

* Special fitting required


  • Motor with high automatic locking and active counter-pressure at all points in the event of an attempted break-in
  • Connection option for battery pack for emergency operation in the event of a power failure
  • Locking magnet for motor (secure against break-ins), locks in any position, even during ventilation function/partial opening and final position door OPEN (Lock # 1651V000 available as an option)
  • Thanks to the integrated emergency release, the carriage can be engaged and disengaged in any position
  • Bi-directional, secure SOMloq2 radio system


  • Numerous accessories for expansion such as the memory extension Memo (increases the storage space to approx. 450 units, optionally available: Memo (#10373) or motion detector (#S10343-00001))
  • Additional connection options without spiral cable directly on carriage slip door contact and safety contact strip (OSE or 8k2)
  • Universal power supply to the track (can either be from the front or the rear)
  • Removable carriage without track disassembly
  • Short cable runs with wall mounting for external accessories (photo eye/warning light/ external buttons...)
  • Easy to install and variable ceiling attachment


  • Automatic learning process: self-learning force curve with continual adjustment, e.g. summer/winter mode
  • Optimal speed profiles for quick opening and secure closing
  • Secure unit consisting of door and operator in accordance with door standards with over 3000 certified door operator combinations. You can find the complete reference list:
  • Automatic calibration of door operation through direct entry of measured operating forces
  • Pre-selectable door types via DIP switch
  • Active braking for moving doors
  • Countless setting and querying options via SOMlink
  • Gear-saving soft start/stop
  • Automatic end position detection in Door CLOSE when programming, the closing pressure can also be individually adapted to the structural conditions
tiga+ in use


  • Separate control housing for wall installation
  • During the installation, the control unit will not impede the passing of cars
  • Automatic closing function possible
  • The underground garage operators tiga and tiga+ use the same carriage. This reduces the storage space and storage costs for spare parts

Versatility in a box

Flexible connection options using the separate control unit housing

Control unit tiga

Control unit tiga+


Sommer operator pro+ with separate control unit housing

Plug and Play

Create your own optional value-added product

The modular system structure makes it possible to expand the SOMMER tiga or tiga+ with countless accessories. All accessories are easy to install since sockets are colour-coded.


Locking magnet which mechanically blocks the motor in any position up to an attack force of 300 kg (certified), thereby improving the existing break-in protection. (mechanical locking mechanism of the operator)


Used to expand the memory to 450 transmitter commands. If service is required, the saved transmitters can be easily moved to a new carriage.


Three functions in one product: The alarm buzzer detects a break-in attempt and issues a warning in the form of a loud signal tone. The warning buzzer, on the other hand, outputs an acoustic signal during the closing process or when the pass door is open.

LED traffic light red or green

For optical two-way traffic control of your door system. Offers durability for more than 30,000 hours and is well-suited for both outdoor and indoor use. Can also be combined as a red-green traffic light.

Frame photo eye

Reliable and precise obstacle detection via the precise detection of objects. The photo eye is mounted so that it is protected against damage. Adjustment with a bicycle, tricycle or rubbish bin is therefore not possible. (service use)
Can be installed directly in the frame.

Relay for tiga

Additional relay for additional switching of a garage or courtyard light or another 230 V consumer.


A passive infrared sensor detects invisible thermal radiation from moving bodies (people/animals etc.) and reacts. When you enter the garage, the lighting on the operator is automatically
switched on so that you can move around safely.

SOMMER Accu for tiga

Accu for tiga

Supplies energy to the operator for up to 12 hours for maximum 5 door cycles > in the event of a power failure.

Battery pack for tiga+

Battery pack for tiga+

Supplies energy to the operator for up to 12 hours for maximum 10 door cycles in the event of a power failure.

Pull button

For conveniently opening the door by hand from the car.

LED warning light

For additional optical hazard detection.



For easier and more convenient installation of the tension springs on sectional doors. It is no longer necessary to lift the door yourself, making installation of the door even easier and quicker.

The LIFTer is only available for specialist dealers.

You can find all technical details as a PDF download

Highest transmission security with SOMloq2

The bidirectional radio system SOMloq2 offers security and comfort, transmitting encrypted radio signals in the sender and receiver direction.

The system is thus tamper-proof, as it is not possible to secretly access the transmission code with SOMloq2.

The system also offers:

  • Feedback on whether the sent command is processed by the recipient
  • The option of querying door positions/reception status
  • Improved range and higher reliability due to the hop function, since the signal is actively forwarded by the SOMloq2 receiver
  • Maximum protection against hackers due to 128-bit AES encryption with Rollingcode
  • Auto-repeat function for convenient opening while approaching the object
  • Downward compatible with the Somloq Rollingcode radio system, making it possible to control existing operators and radio receivers

Long-standing experience (since 1980) 

Made in Germany.

Made in Germany

SOMMER and our subsidiaries and partners worldwide offer you everything from a single source. Our hardware and software is developed completely in-house and is renowned for the outstanding quality and innovative technology “Made in Germany”.

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